Accidental Death Policies Fort Worth TX

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An unexpected death or disabling injury can be an emotional and financial burden on you and your family.

What is accidental death insurance Fort Worth TX?

Should you be killed in an accident that is covered by an Accidental Death Insurance policy, your beneficiary will be paid.

Top Choice Life Insurance Texas is well regarded and a well established Personal Accident specialist. Should you die in an accident that is covered by our Accidental Death Policy, a lump sum may be paid (depending on the sum assured).

In the worst case scenario, you will know that your loved ones will be protected from hardship, should you die in an accident.

Best Accidental Death Fort Worth TX Policies

We offer partners a comprehensive range of personal accident products for customers which include:

  • Personal Accident
  • Accidental Death Benefit
  • Permanent Total Disability

We offer a range of Personal Accident products, at low cost and high value benefits. These plans are available on their own or as an added benefit with a bank account, core insurance product or the benefit of a membership.

This benefit is payable on its own or in addition to your life insurance coverage. Accidental death insurance also provides monetary support in the case of a covered accident that leaves you without vision or a limb.

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